Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Re" Introducing GoGCM

I've created the github repository for GoGCM. The "model" is currently just a place holder. It is a mean (configurable but set to 17.5 by default) that has a random value added to it (standard deviation of 1 and mean of 0). The point is more about the process of installing it and running it in order to get information from it. In order to install and run this, follow these instructions.
  1. Install and build the go repository by following the instructions on the go website. For those using windows, you will likely need to install it from here.

  2. I believe you need a github account for the next step. Go to the website and create an account.

  3. Go has a very handy tool called goinstall. Open a console and enter the following commands:
  4. goinstall
    cd go/src/pkg/

  5. These commands will download the code from the github repository and build the GoGCM code. You can now run the code with
  6. ./gcm

  7. This will output a list from 0 to 100 with the model output in a csv format (to stdout). You can do the usual piping and send it to a text file like so
  8. ./gcm > model.csv

That is the basics of installing the (currently very simple) GoGCM. If you run into any problems just let me know or check the go website and the go-nuts group to see if others have had the same issues.

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