Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gridding GoGCM

I have added a new model (model 003) in the examples code. This model is an addition to the last tutorial model (the "glass slab" model). This model is to demonstrate how I see some of the gridding techniques for GoGCM. I'm hoping this will spark some discussion on how to pass the information around in a more efficient manner and I'll also try to engage the GoNuts google group for some feedback.

The model is quite a simple model at this point, and there are at least two things that I want to fix in the relatively short term. The radiative model is essentially what was described in the tutorial, with two layers for the atmosphere and the atmosphere and surface radiating in proportion to the temperature according to the Stefan-Boltzmann law. I wanted to transfer some energy from grid point to grid point so I added a simple conduction type transfer (I know this is not physical, but for now it will suffice). I have also added a heat capacity for each grid point to enable an implementation of the daily cycle.

The next step for this model is to... well... actually run it. Yes, for right now I haven't set-up all the grid points and run a few test cases. What I've done so far has been to create the basic set-up so that I can start creating these cases. The next steps will be to initiate the data structures and trying a few test cases (I'll try to get this done over the next few days).

Also in the near term, I want to add a daily cycle to this model (possibly even seasonal variations). For that, I'll have to see how the initial tests go in the next few days.

Let me know if you have suggestions or comments on the code so far. I'm hoping that by cleaning this up a bit it could serve as the basis for GoGCM (barring some other decisions about architecture that I'll post about another time). At the very least, I hope others find this interesting.

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